Anthony Bolognese

Professional Life

     I graduated from a technical college in Florida having studied Digital Media and Design. My original focus was to design logos and t-shirts for bands like my good friend and classmate Tadd Martin, but I ended up branching out toward quite a lot of other opportunities.

     During my time there, I quickly took to Autodesk's 3DS Max, a software used in Hollywood to create incredible digital 3D models and effects used in movies like Transformers, The Avengers, and many more. After I'd had my fill, I learned Adobe's Illustrator for logo design, Photoshop for photo manipulation and print design, and Premiere/After Effects (though having since bought a Mac, I've translated my video production knowledge to Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion) for video production and special effects creation. I now focus mostly on that aspect of my work, having created video content for highly reputable clients like Gentleman's Gazette, Campbell Wealth Management, and Malwarebytes.

     Being a freelancer offers a significant amount of down time. Being a creative type, I love spending that time learning more and more about my craft and gaining new skills to offer to clients. The most recent of these has been photography. I've spent that time branching into several styles of photography, from coverage of the events and work done by my local Habitat for Humanity chapter, to engagements, fashion and style bloggers, the list goes on. I love to tell stories with my work, and documentary filmmaking is another branch I long to get into. 

Personal Life

In the time when I'm not working, I love any food that's bad for me, getting tattoos, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Thanks to Gentleman's Gazette, I've been able to kindle my passion for style. I love to dress well and help others look their best.

I started playing music when I was still in elementary school. I taught myself guitar and learned violin in the school orchestra. Since then, I've picked up the rest of the orchestral instruments, singing, and drumming. My musical inspirations range from Jack Johnson to Metallica to Frank Sinatra to Thy Art is Murder. It's all great to me.