Event Photography

Capitol File Magazine’s Innovation Event - Posed Photo


So you’re hosting an event. It’s a stressful time, I know, but I’m here to make it easier on you.

I’ll take candid photos of attendees, photos of the venue/interior design, any posed photos that are requested, and if you have any specific requests, I’m more than happy to talk about them!

I’ve shot everything from corporate and family holiday parties to star-studded magazine release events to 600-person fundraisers, and even the occasional group brunch. No matter what’s going on, I know I can create some fantastic memories for you!

Editing is included, and your photos will be delivered in a shareable gallery that all attendees can access and download from! Standard photo delivery is 1 week, but a rush-editing service can be purchased for another $150

Individual Photography

Connor Marsh for HYDE Closet


Whether you’ve got concepts you’d like to see realized, have new clothes you want to show off, or need new professional headshots, we can create some amazing images together.

We’ll work out a location, time, and theme for your shoot, and create as much content as we can during our time together. There’s no limit on outfits or locations, and the more we work together, the better we’ll get at maximizing our efficiency!

I shoot men, women, and children, from fashion to lifestyle to food. I’m sure I can capture some fantastic shots for you!

Editing is included, and I can match your editing style upon request (because the feed is important). Standard photo delivery is 1 week, but a rush-editing service can be purchased for $50.

Special Requests

Dagmara Weinberg’s Men’s Pocket Squares

It depends!

Are you a Realtor?

You need to showcase the house!

Are you a retailer?

You need product photos!

Are you a chef?

People need to see that delicious food!

No matter what your need is, I’m more than happy to work with you and create a great solution for your marketing image problems.

Each circumstance is wildly different, so I don’t have a set price. We can talk about your ideas and work something out that benefits us both!

Regardless of what your photo needs are, I know we can start a successful relationship and create some amazing stuff together.