Fashion and Branding Photography


Headshots - Premium Cigar Association

Based just off of Capitol Hill, the Premium Cigar Association’s office was the perfect place to capture the personality and brand of the individuals keeping high-end cigars cool.


Fashion Editorial - Kym Laird

One of the most fun people I’ve ever shot with, Kym Laird and I executed a “magazine spread” inspired shoot in Richmond that produced some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.


Personal Brand - Laurie Jimenez

Laurie is a personal growth entrepreneur who needed social media content to represent her lighthearted and happy personality. Her goal is to help motivate likeminded young adults to pursue their goals and show her clients she’s a real, fun person!


Brand Identity - B Carter Solutions

I was asked to capture the cohesive and results-driven brand that B Carter Solutions embodies. We shot at a cozy co-working space and showed off the team’s energy and drive!


Fashion Content - Romin Shahpouri

Romin has spent more time in front of my lens than any other person, and for good reason. His style is impeccable and we’re able to execute some fantastic shots.


Personal Brand - Paul Adler

Paul is a lifetime corporate networker who is rebranding himself outside of the corporate world. He needed photos to embody the ideals his new brand represents.


Brand Content - Angelica Talan

Angelica is one of the most popular bloggers in the DC Metro area and works with a lot of brands. I’m lucky to be able to capture shots for brands like Four Seasons, Goodyear, Mazda, and more!