My name is Anthony Bolognese. I'm 19 years old and live in Northern Virginia.

Personal Life

In the time when I'm not designing, I love any food that's bad for me, getting tattoos, and the occasional video game binge. In the wee hours of the morning, when the moon shines just so, I might end up writing music or poems.

I started playing music when I was still in elementary school. I taught myself guitar and learned violin in the school orchestra. Since then, I've picked up the rest of the orchestral instruments, singing, drumming, and synth programming. My inspirations range from Jack Johnson to Metallica to Frank Sinatra to Thy Art is Murder. 

My best friend is a fellow designer named Darlenne Helena. She's full of life and more ambition than I've ever seen from a girl her age. She's a SkillsUSA National Officer, coffee connoisseur, and an amazing person. Check out her website after you've had your fill of mine. 

All in all, music, design, and Darlenne Helena are the three things that keep me going day to day. 

Professional Life

I graduated from Ridge Career Center having studied Digital Media and Design. My original focus was to design logos and t-shirt designs for bands, but I ended up branching out quite a bit. I quickly took to Autodesk's 3DS Max to build incredible 3D objects. After I'd had my fill, I learned Adobe's Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects (though having since bought a Mac, I've translated my video production knowledge to Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion). My musical endeavors have taught me Presonus's Studio One and Apple's Logic Pro software, as well as the hardware necessary to turn the songs in your head into a clean, mastered track.